About Me

My name is Ken. I was born in 1959 in Winnipeg, Manitoba. I became a follower of Jesus Christ in August of 1985. I married in 1986 and remain married to this day to the same woman. I have been interested in intentional community living for about 20 years, believing that it is the best way for God to do His work in and through His body. After all, to really love one another and to be devoted to one another, as the bible exhorts us to do, requires time together, proximity, and a common purpose.

I recently retired from my job of 31 years and moved to Vancouver Island. Although the weather is a great improvement from that of Manitoba, mainly the winters, land prices here are unaffordable for an average wage earner to buy or build a house on acreage. I have been researching affordable land in a good climate zone within Canada. Nova Scotia seems to offer affordable land with a relatively mild winter and I would be prepared to move there. Although community can be developed in cities as well as rural areas, my initial interest is to become part of one on acreage where most of our food and electricity can be produced, and where sufficient trees can be used for low cost house building, heating, and building up the soil through woodchip applications.

I am a student of economics and believe that an economic crisis is looming that will affect families, churches, and nations. I believe that our fiat currency system’s days are numbered and that a sound money system will have to be adopted. This major reset will cause a lot of pain for those who remain unprepared. It will be hardest on those who; have accumulated a lot of debt, rely on the government to provide for their sustenance, and those who do not adopt a sustainable and frugal lifestyle. For many years, the purchasing power of our currency has been decreasing, while wages have not kept pace. The coming crisis will only exacerbate this condition escalating to panic and chaos. Living in a sustainable resource producing and sharing community is the means to mitigate the impact of this coming crisis.