If you are interested in becoming part of community as an initiator or as a member, please email me at: so that we can discuss it further.

The qualifications for initiators would be the same as for elders and deacons as found in 1Timothy 3 and Titus 1 plus;

  1.  have a passion for and time available to develop community life, and
  2. have sufficient funds to implement community locally and abroad, recognizing that all of our money and resources belong to God and that whatever is invested in community is laying up treasure in heaven.

The intention is to buy acreage on a lake in Nova Scotia and then subdivide it into lots for all of the members to own their own lot. This would require at least 4 initiators per community to provide the initial investment capital. Over time, we would build affordable houses, dig wells, implement sustainable agricultural methods to produce our own food, and invest in alternate forms of electricity production.

Initiators have no special distinction or position within the community in comparison to members. They simply have the financial means to initiate the idea, the time to implement it, and the passion to see it thrive and fulfill the purpose that God has for it.